shipping policy

ESVEE proudly ships WORLDWIDE. For international shipping, we use Fedex and Aramex. Domestic deliveries in India are serviced through our local logistic partners.

The delivery times for products depend on the product lead times for the product. We deliver most items Monday to Saturday. Once your shipment is ready for dispatch and the balance payments are cleared, our team will coordinate and communicate to you the tentative date of delivery (Delivery Date) vide e-mail at least ten days prior to the delivery of your order. The cost of shipment will be calculated using the city/ town name or pin code of the address for delivery and the order size. You may also get a call from the Courier Company/ Logistics partner confirming the tentative date and the time of delivery. However, as we do not have any direct control over the courier partners/ logistics partner, we cannot guarantee that they will act only in a certain manner or will necessarily call before getting your order for delivery. The delivery person will deliver the goods to your building premises or wherever it is physically possible to deliver the goods.  For higher floors, we are not equipped to deliver the goods to your doorstep unless a lift facility is available. You are requested to arrange for your own laborers/ manpower to get the big products to the higher floor. The responsibility of our logistics partners to deliver the large products is restricted to the ground floor or maximum first floor of the building. For the safety of the goods during the transit and unpredictable and multiple handling at times, we secure most of the goods with wooden crates. We understand that these crates make the packaging bulky, however, they are absolutely necessary for securing the product. These crates may cause some inconvenience to the customer but are unavoidable. The customer should open the goods themselves or with the help of a local carpenter or a professional and inspect the same. Any defect or damage must be reported to the delivery person and to the customer care team at ESVEE via email  immediately by the customer. Please note that the Delivery Personnel are not obliged or authorized to open the furniture or packages. Please note that their duty is to deliver the goods to the customer and they are not directly employed with ESVEE.  You are requested to cooperate with them and not force them to open the crates, packages, etc. Furniture that is refused because it does not fit through an entryway will be the customer’s responsibility as we are encouraged to study the sizes mentioned on the product page carefully and see if the furniture you order fits into your entryway and rooms. We will not be responsible if the furniture does not fit/ pass through the entryway/ stairway etc. Please note that any failed delivery due to any such refusal or unavailability and any subsequent attempts to deliver the goods will be charged extra by ESVEE or the Logistics partner. We also request you to give the correct address and phone no. details at the time of placing the order. On rare occasions, some items may be delivered outside the published timed windows due to unavoidable circumstances.

For International orders, the buyer is responsible for any customs duties and taxes levied and for import back into country of origin in case of returns.

For bulk/multiple product orders:
Domestic: The items are delivered by the logistics partner in a dedicated vehicle without stacking. At the delivery site , the products are  placed in their designated areas and unpacked for the clients at an extra charge. The cost of shipment will be calculated based on the delivery location, vehicle size requirement, delivery personnel required for handling the goods(loading/unloading).
International: Based on the order, we provide both Partial load or Full load shipments fulfilled by our logistics partners via Ocean freight.


Holding Cost will be applicable to your order if the order is ready for dispatch but has been withheld in our facility on your request. We offer a grace period of 2 weeks to hold your order in our facility in the event of your non-availability to accept the order delivery, post this a ‘Holding Cost’ or ‘Delayed Delivery Cost’ will be applicable to your total order value on a monthly basis. We will notify you via an e-mail with a detailed breakup of the charges levied (on a monthly basis) and/or bill you pro-rata for the number of days (in case it's less than a month that the order delivery has been withheld on your request). The ‘Holding Cost’ is calculated at the rate of 5% against the total value of the order. An 18% GST is applicable