product care

Solid Wood

Solid Wood is a natural material which reacts with the weather and environment. Certain care is essential to ensure the longevity of the products.

  • Eliminate the chance of any dust settling down by regular dusting of the wooden framework with a soft microfiber and lint free cloth.
  • Do not place any Hot/Cold items directly on the wooden surfaces.
  • Ensure that the surfaces don’t come in contact with any chemicals/oils. This will lead to permanent stains and damages. We suggest that you resort only to professional help incase of any such scenarios.
  • Although built to withstand regular usage any sudden or harsh movements while sitting or while moving the chairs might lead to a permanent damage in the joinery.
  • Minute Expansion and Contraction in Solid wood due to temperature changes is a property of wood. Our designs are made taking this into consideration and leaving room for these natural changes. The products must be placed indoors only. 
  • The items should NOT be placed in areas with direct sunlight or exposed to extreme humidity. 


Clean the inlay work with a dry micro-fibre cloth. Regular use and cleaning will eliminate/reduce the chances of formation of patina. If you appreciate the ageing of materials and have a love for patina, avoid cleaning of brass.

  • Do not clean brass with any abrasive materials


Clean with a clean damp cloth after use as hot/wet objects might form rings. Hair-line cracks in marble table tops might develop during its usage.


Upholstery should be maintained with a gentle vacuuming periodically. Incase of any spillage we suggest to employ a professional dry cleaning service.

  • High quality foam, fabrics and threads, in upholstered products ensure a long life. A gentle use will go a long way in letting the foam retain its shape


To clean any glass surfaces use a glass cleaner solution and a microfiber cloth.

General Care :

  • Do not clean the wooden surfaces/fabrics with any chemicals.
  • Care must be taken to prevent sharp objects from coming into contact with your furniture.
  • Keep surfaces away from direct sunlight to avoid premature fading and breakage of surfaces due to extreme heat.