Esvee Atelier was founded in 2018 by Srikanth Varma and Keerthi Datla as a space to create and explore Indian contemporary functional art that encourages the conscious use of one’s living spaces.

Rooted in the belief that conscious creation leads to conscious consumption, we create to positively contribute to your living spaces and in some small or large way, ritualise how you interact with it as it continues to evolve and grow as uniquely as you do.

Our ethos is led by a conscious minimalism school of thought expressed timelessly through the principles of poetic design. In that, we aim to achieve the stage of nothing more, nothing less in all our creations. And our ethos is personified by an evolving stable of skilled designers and craftsmen who put innovation, superior quality and artistic finesse at the forefront.

Put simply, we are design lovers celebrating & sharing in our love for conscious living and fine artistry.

ESVEE promise

With Esvee, what you see is what you get. We wear our hearts in our art and every piece resounds our unwavering promise.


Going beyond pretty words and designing in ways to bring that truth into what we do-simple, unadulterated and one-of-a-kind.


Endurance, longevity, resilience and safety in materials and finishes is what makes our furniture and your lifestyle.


Self-developed make processes coupled with our uncompromising eye for quality material helps us deliver exceptionally at every level.